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This is where I would like to put all those borderline-useless tidbits of information most major characters have. You know, birthday, blood type, favorite kind of cereal—unfortunately, that's not going to happen, because this character doesn't even have a last name.

Here are Levi's official "stats:" he is 160cm (5'3") tall. He weighs 65kg (143lbs). He is male. He is a human. His birthday is December 25 (wowee, new information!!).

That's it.

Now, before you wonder what I must be snorting to try and create a whole site around a character it seems we know nothing about, give me a second to explain. A lot about Levi remains a mystery, it's true. We don't know how old he is, we don't know what his last name is or if he even has one, and we know very little about his past. However, he still plays a huge part in the story. There are several important things that we learn about him over the course of the series.

Like the majority of the major characters in the story, Levi is part of the Survey Corps. If you are unfamiliar (and skipped the series page), the Survey Corps is the division of the military that performs missions and reconnaissance outside the walls. They are the ones who engage titans in titan territory. Being a member of the Survey Corps is extremely dangerous. They suffer heavy losses every time they venture outside the walls, and only the best survive multiple missions. Obviously, Levi is one of them. In fact, he's not just one of the best—he's recognized as humanity's strongest soldier (more on this).

It's easy to make assumptions about someone with such a hefty title. However, it's clear from the very beginning that Levi is not your typical "hero" character. First, there's the immediately obvious: he's small. There are only a handful of characters who are shorter than he is, and they're all like fifteen years old. He looks grumpy almost all the time. We have literally never seen him smile. He has a difficult personality, as well: he speaks brusquely and often makes rude remarks. He places a very high priority on the chain of command and expects his subordinates to be competent and obedient (though he does acknowledge personal choice at certain times). He holds himself to the same standard: while he sometimes protests at first, he always follows orders from the commander of the Survey Corps, Erwin Smith. Levi does not have any particular talent for strategy, and he fully acknowledges that such things are Erwin's specialty, not his. He's also a bit neurotic when it comes to cleanliness: he's definitely a neat-freak and possibly a germaphobe as well.

Very little is known about Levi's past. Rumor has it he was a notorious criminal in the underground area of the capital before being taken into the Survey Corps by Erwin. In the preview for the spinoff manga "A Choice Without Regret," it's confirmed that he was indeed a thief. Beyond that, all we can do is speculate until more is revealed. Hopefully someday soon I'll be able to whip up a backstory page, but at the moment it would be a little pathetic.

Add all these things up and it looks like a recipe for a fairly unpleasant person. It's true that he is tough to be around, and that he seems like an asshole on the surface. However, it's worth mentioning that while he may seem to dislike people in general, he does not undervalue human life and does not act recklessly—he has lost countless comrades to titans, after all. One of my main goals in making this site is to show that there's more to him than what is readily apparent. But the point of this page is just to scratch the surface, and I have already rambled more than was probably necessary.

My bad.