This is what we on the internet call a character shrine. Once upon a time, sites like this were abundant. Nowadays, not so much—it's certainly not as popular a hobby as it once was, but things like Amassment prove that shrines aren't completely a dying breed. Thank goodness!

This particular shrine is a bit strange. I wanted to take a different path with it. I have one other character shrine, and though I would say it's fairly comprehensive, I've never been happy with it. There's really nothing that says "me" about it at all. It could have been written by anyone (if anyone else gave a rat's ass about that character that is, ha ha). For that reason (and because it's fun), I wanted to write this shrine in my own words. I don't want it to sound like a term paper, and I don't want it to sound like I'm just regurgitating information from other sources. I want it to be an at least mildly-entertaining read, but at the same I'm not going to kid myself and pretend most people come here to read. Rest assured that there is a sizeable media section as well! I also tried to combine information and media a little bit by linking relevant images (primarily manga panels) whenever possible in my writing. If you are reading any of the information pages and see a lot of links, this is why!

I guess what I'm trying to say by "in my own words" is that it's probably not very professional. Why does it need to be? It's a fan website for a character from a goddamn cartoon. Oh, there's the other thing—I tend to curse sometimes. If stuff like that deeply offends you, you might not enjoy reading my writing. Sorry. I just have a lot of feelings and sometimes they make bad words fall out of my mouth. For that matter, this particular character has a pretty terrible mouth as well, so if you're familiar with him, you should be used to it already, right?

Anyway, there's my obligatory "Alison wrote this" warning. Carry on.


Check the info section for a page all about this!


Dictionary.com defines paragon as a model or pattern of excellence or of a particular excellence, and also as someone of exceptional merit. Levi is famed for being humanity's strongest soldier—as much as I wish I had some deep explanation, that's pretty much it.


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