speech & voice


Levi is a bit of a potty-mouth. He is not one to mince words, either—his speech is pretty much what you'd expect from an alleged former criminal. He curses frequently and his (Japanese) dialogue is written in an informal and often disrespectful way. Naturally, this is mostly evident when he's displeased, but is sometimes noticeable in normal speech as well. With that said, Levi does not curse every other word (or anywhere close to that, really), and in the manga he's shown to be perfectly capable of having conversations not littered with vulgarities.

His sense of humor, if you can call it that... well, I guess you could say it's shit. No, seriously.


In the anime, Levi is voiced by Kamiya Hiroshi. He has done a lot of stuff and is a well-known voice actor. I would try to describe his Levi voice, but it'd be a hell of a lot easier to let you hear it yourself, so if you're so inclined, click here to hear a clip! It is a clip from episode 9, in which he speaks to a dying soldier (in the manga, it's covering this and the first part of this).