Here we have our obligatory relationships page. Characters or groups are listed alphabetically by (first) name. I'm keeping all comments on pairings as objective as possible because nothing is canon. Please don't yell at me.


It's pretty clear Levi thinks Hange is a weirdo—I mean, she is kind of a weirdo, after all. However, there seems to be a mutual respect between them. Eccentric as she is, Hange is a brilliant scientist, and Levi is...well, Levi. Hange sometimes playfully pokes fun at his cleanliness issues (see also when she asks him about Eren's plans for the following day, he answers, and she immediately disregards it).

As a pairing, Levi/Hange is...moderately popular? I've seen it more often than any other m/f pairing involving him, but since the vast majority of it is m/m, you still don't come across it terribly often.


Eren "met" Levi just after sealing the hole in the wall at Trost, when Levi dispatched two titans that were closing in on him, Mikasa, and Armin. Too weak to do much of anything else, Eren saw the emblem of the Survey Corps—"the wings of freedom"—on Levi's cloak. They met again briefly while Eren was locked up in a cell, but their next meeting involved Levi brutally beating Eren in front of a courtroom full of people. Though it was a ruse to ensure the Survey Corps would gain custody of him, it's no surprise that Eren remains somewhere between wary and terrified of Levi. After all, if Eren were ever to lose control or "go rogue" in his titan form, it'd be Levi's job to deal with it—even if it meant killing him.

Despite this, Eren has a lot of respect for the members of the Survey Corps, and Levi is no exception. He never held what happened in the courtroom against Levi, because he understood why it had to happen. However, Eren treads carefully around him, always speaking far more politely than he usually does. It's not so much that he's afraid he'll get his ass kicked again if he steps out of line; it seems more like genuine respect. Levi tends to speak harshly to him (referring to him by a name that translates literally to "shitty brat"), but on the flip side of that he's also attempted to lighten the mood with his horrible jokes, which shows that he does care at least a little bit about Eren. The encounter with the female titan left the entire Special Operations Squad dead with the exception of the two of them, and while Eren felt responsible for their deaths, it's clear Levi didn't blame him for what happened. Levi's injury has had him out of combat since the female titan arc ended, so the two of them have not interacted much since then.

Levi/Eren as a pairing is insanely popular. It's the most popular pairing involving Levi, and also the most popular pairing for the series overall. Taking a look at the amount of fanwork produced will convince you of this pretty quickly. At some point I may try to break down why it seems to be so popular, but I have a lot of other stuff to write first, so we'll see.


Erwin Smith is the commander of the Survey Corps. Erwin and Levi have a history, but not much is known yet aside from the rumor that Levi was a "thug" before Erwin brought him into the Survey Corps. Presumably this was due to his fighting skill, but any other reasoning is still unknown.

Erwin and Levi are seen together pretty often. They were together questioning Eren outside his cell following the events in Trost, and then later at his trial. Levi clearly has a great deal of respect for Erwin, and fully acknowledges that matters of strategy are Erwin's territory. Levi puts a lot of value on the chain of command and generally seems to trust Erwin, always doing as he's commanded. However, he doesn't follow him blindly and still tends to speak his mind or attempt to argue when he's not in agreement with his orders. In the end, he invariably obeys—though a more recent page seems to hint that he may not be totally on board with Erwin's plans.

The Erwin/Levi pairing is definitely second (behind Levi/Eren) in terms of popularity. You come across it fairly often.


Mikasa is not exactly Levi's biggest fan. As someone who is extremely attached to (and protective of) Eren, she wasn't thrilled to see Levi kick the hell out of him during his trial (see: her deathglare). Even later, knowing it was an "act" to ensure the Military Police didn't get Eren for themselves, she was still quite displeased with Levi's actions.

Most of their interaction so far has been in the forest during the female titan arc. They teamed up briefly to rescue Eren, who was passed out in the female titan's mouth. Mikasa blamed Levi for this, implying that Eren was taken because Levi didn't do his job. Levi told Mikasa they needed to focus on rescuing Eren and forget about trying to take down the female type, but Mikasa attempted to kill her anyway—her attempt failed, and Levi wound up getting injured by saving Mikasa from the blow. Fortunately, despite just being slapped by a giant hand, Levi still managed to extract Eren from the female type's mouth and grab Mikasa so the three could make their escape.

It's worth noting that Levi never appeared angry at Mikasa for what happened, despite the fact that his resulting injury put him out of commission indefinitely. Before they parted ways for the last time (so far), he told her not to pull that shit again, but even then he didn't look particularly disgruntled (just his default level of disgruntled).

Levi/Mikasa is a mildly popular pairing. I have seen it a couple of times, but judging by the fact that Mikasa doesn't like him at all in canon, I'm not surprised there isn't a ton of it.


Levi chose four people for the task of protecting Eren (and subsequently killing him if he flew off the handle in titan form): together, they're the Special Operations Squad! Petra Ral, Auruo Bossard, Erd Gin, and Gunter Schultz were four exceptionally skilled members of the Survey Corps. There is not a lot of information on them, and sadly there probably never will be, but we can glean a few things from the story at least.

Petra Ral was probably the most developed member. She was very kind and caring. Some have speculated that she may have had feelings for Levi, but there isn't any solid evidence either way. What we do see is that her death was framed in a more poignant way than the others, and that her father approached Levi upon his return and mentioned the possibility of her getting married, not yet aware of her passing. Levi/Petra as a pairing is not terribly common, but it's definitely one of the more popular m/f choices.

Auruo Bossard, known for running his mouth on horseback and subsequently biting his tongue, was the cocky one. He clearly had a lot of admiration for Levi, and Petra accused him of trying to talk like him even though they were "nothing alike" in her words. Erd Gin and Gunter Schultz did not get as much character development as Petra and Auruo, but they both seemed like the serious type, and Gunter was fairly quiet. I haven't seen Levi paired with any of these three guys yet, but given the fact that this fanbase is insane I don't doubt it exists at all.

A Pastor Nick section may appear here later, but at the moment there's not much to say other than that Levi is currently babysitting him because he can't fight. The two of them are obviously having a great time together.